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Purina Tidy Cats Low Dust, Multi Cat, Clumping Cat Litter, Lightweight Glade Clean Blossoms 7.71 kg

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  • Tidy Cats Glade cat litter keeps your cat litter box area smelling fresh with a light, pleasant fragrance, and an Ammonia Blocker keeps ammonia odour from forming for 14 days when used as directed  
  • Low dust litter enables a clean, easy pour, and convenient packaging allows for easy and fast cat litter box refills  
  • Tidy Cats lightweight cat litter forms strong, tight clumps for easy clean up and is formulated for multiple-cat households  
  • Made with a natural clay and mineral product plus a deodorizing system, this Tidy Cats clumping kitty litter for multiple cats offers less weight, not less litter  
  • Address Address: 150 King Street W. - Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5H 1J9
  • Contact Seller Contact Seller: +1-437-669-7719

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