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PILL POCKETS Capsule Size Natural Soft Dog Treats Chicken Flavor -(60 Treats) 15.8oz. Pack

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Give your dog their medicine, vitamin, or supplement the smart way with GREENIES PILL POCKETS Chicken Flavour Adult Dog Treats. An ingenious way to give your four-legged friend their medication, GREENIES PILL POCKETS are designed and recommended by veterinarians. Available in both capsule and tablet sizes, GREENIES PILL POCKETS help you give your dog their medicine without the mess and stress of hiding it in human food like peanut butter or cheese. GREENIES PILL POCKETS come in irresistible flavours dogs love that mask the smell and taste of medicine so your dog won't sniff it out or spit it out. Simply drop the medicine, vitamin, or supplement capsule in the pill pocket, pinch it closed, and give your dog a treat they are sure to love. Now giving your dog their capsule can be an enjoyable, positive experience for both you and your pet. Plus, GREENIES PILL POCKETS are a healthy, all-natural treat you can feel good about giving your dog. Turn pill time into treat time with GREENIES PILL POCKETS!  
  • Contains: One (1) 448g, 60-count Value Pack GREENIES PILL POCKETS Adult Dog Treats, Capsule Size, Chicken Flavour  
  • All-Natural Dog Treats: Healthy dog treats made with natural ingredients and tasty hickory smoke flavour  
  • They'll Never Know: GREENIES PILL POCKETS for dogs mask the smell and taste of medicine  
  • Easy To Use: Simply drop the medication, vitamin, or supplement tablet in the pill pocket, pinch it closed, and give your dog a treat they'll love  


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